Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kayuh Lasak 2012

By now those of you who went for Kayuh Lasak last Sunday are probably licking your wounds or massaging the over strained leg and other muscles/areas that you'll never think that will get cramps :). (ask Ah Sin)

This year's Kayuh Lasak is one of the best in terms of distance and difficulty. I am disappointed for not being able to get all 10 CP stickers - The only Kayuh Lasak without complete stickers (except for 2003 which is a long story). Missed out CP8 NOT because not fit but rather didn't reach the cut off time in time due to the spirit of brotherhood and keeping company to our friends who were experiencing cramps. I feel it is worth giving up the trophy of feel good over friendship. That inspires me to want to try to complete the whole trail of KL12 one day as I heard the trail from CP8 to CP9 is fantastic.

Thanks to my fellow members who went as your friendship counts a lot and the memories will last a lifetime.

To KOTRTies, it's been great knowing you guys since the very first, The 1 Hill Ride and going every year since then. I think it was a good move to have the last 2 previous rides start at Balik Pulau and the finale (hopefully not) back to where it started, Youth Park.
Thank you for: initiating the idea of a properly organised mtb jamboree in 2002 when one would think it's crazy to drive all the way to Penang just to cycle, the meaning of hardship of pushing up and going over obstacles, to learn what is fear when the moment comes, the indescribable exhilarating thrill when bombing down what is seemingly endless single track downhill, etc and the most important, the opportunity to get to know all of you. Thank you!

Some photos of yesteryears to share with everyone.

When it all started, year 2002. Didn't even have a proper jersey, used something of t shirt material that looked like one. Now the cupboard is full of jerseys! Notice the smaller group of riders which made cycling much much more enjoyable then.

Meticulously hand drawn map of the ride, year 2003

 It took a lot of persuasion to get friends to go.
2002 - 3 from Malacca took part (Thierry, his son and me)
2003 - 2 (Tan Kwang Meng and me)
2004 - 6 (Loi Wen Chong, Kristin, Siew Pheng, Jeff Wong, me and another young rider)
After that year, Loi being the bike shop technician, spread the news of Kayuh Lasak and 2005 onwards saw a big leap in numbers going from Malacca.

The initial 2 years had pre event ride that was on Saturday. From 2004 and the next few years saw interesting activities such as treasure hunt as the photo above. 

I am still searching for the old photos of 2005 onwards. Till then, it's a jump in time to 2012

Thank you Azmi and all the lauchiow of KOTRT for 10 good years of mountain biking in Penang. Only 1 hill right? That's what you said the very first time!


Adlee said...

I just came back from Penang last Sunday to repeat CP8-CP9 trail with my friends as most of us had been cut out in KL12 . They shouldn't have cut this great trail in KL12 because it is a very enjoyable trail and the flow is great.

Ben Soon said...

Glad you went again and enjoyed the trail.

Agree with you. They shouldn't have cut off this trail since it is almost to the end of the off road trail. I checked my GPS files of previous Kayuh Lasak and Terrapin trail has one of the best single tracks and was used in 2009 and 2010 Kayuh Lasak.

I am also itching to go again but time is a constrain as a group of us are going on a 6 day cycling trip in Laos early January.