Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of Mtb Jamborees and Races

There is an event that caught my attention and I have been following the progress of it.

Why? It is held in Melaka. So what's the big deal? It's organised by an event company and they are charging a really unreasonable fee of RM90. Then, the unveiling of the track, ....*drum roll*...
it's none other than our 2011 Burung Hantu track. We should be be feeling great that someone is using our trail but re-using the same trail and charging so much registration fee? Something is not right. Come on, don't you have any shame? We know you want to cari makan but not this way. Do your own reccee of the trails and better still, reduce the unreasonable registration fee.
A probe further revealed that although the event date is fixed and the starting venue is at a university, the university administrators have not received any application to use their facilities on that day. Well my fellow riders, think twice if you are thinking of taking part.
By the way, if any groups wants to cycle the Burung Hantu trail daytime on a weekend, do contact the Environment Cycling Club. I am sure they will be more than willing to lead the way.

Lately we have noticed the influx of mtb jamborees and races throughout the country. This is a good sign that shows the cycling community is growing. So much so that even if there are 2 events on the same weekend, both events can almost boast more of 1000 registrations.

The general registration fee of most event is RM50 with some exception where the organisers provide actual cycling jersey for additional RM20 - RM30. I think it is fair considering the number of manpower needed to organise and manned the events. However some clubs have seemed to have tasted the blood, so to speak and want more by charging so much more with little giving back to the participants in the form of goodies.

Last year I heard of 1 club which charged RM50 for their event and many seasoned riders felt shortchanged when the initial 40+km ride was shortened to only 37 km with mainly flats throughout the ride and made worse with a goody bag that contained 1 T-shirt and a packet of maggi mee. Ok, we also heard from new riders who showered praises of a good ride. Is it possible for future events to state "Suitable for new riders" so that we won't waste time traveling all the way and money with hotel stay?

Another thing that came to my attention is a coming event that charges RM80. It is a mtb race but why need to charge so high? There is nothing mentioned in their blog on what will be given for such an unreasonable amount of registration fee. From my understanding, the majority of us who are recreational riders will be subsidizing the prize money that professional riders will easily earn on the race day. Well, since I am not a professional rider or those that cari makan on events that has prize money, I will ride my usual playground and give a RM80 makan treat to my family.

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